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The spring quarter begins Wednesday - March 25, 2020.


Welcome to COMPASS. Please complete this preview prior to your in-person campus orientation.

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  • Register for On-Campus Orientation Due 07/31/2020

    We are excited to welcome you to our campus community!  Your on-campus orientation program is your formal introduction to your new environment as a member of the UC San Diego community.  At Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet other students beginning their academic career, interact with College staff, and meet people who serve as important resources as you create your undergraduate experience.

  • Share Guest Registration Information for the Parent and Family Orientation Program Due 07/31/2020

    We offer an optional Parent and Family Orientation program that is open to parents, guardians, and guests of new first year students.  This optional program helps those that serve as a support system to you to understand the personal adjustments you may go through and discover some of the resources available at UC San Diego.

    Guests are not allowed to attend the student orientation sessions, so this separate program that is held alongside your orientation program is a great opportunity for any guests traveling to campus with you to receive an introduction to UC San Diego.  We strongly encourage you to invite your parent/guardian or another family member by providing their email address on the New Student Site.

    They will be sent a link to register for their Orientation program.  You are not able to register anyone for the parent program through your registration process.

  • Submit your Academic Background 2015-12-18 00:00:00.000

    As you register for your campus Orientation program, be sure to submit your academic background in New Triton Advising via the Virtual Advising Center before the deadline.

    Your College Advising staff will use this information to provide personalized course recommendations before you enroll in fall quarter. Providing your most accurate academic information will help advisors identify the correct course placements so you begin at the appropriate academic level.

    Submit your Academic Background
  • Submit Your Campus ID Photo Due 08/01/2020

    Skip the Line! Visit the Student Financial Solutions website to submit your Campus ID card photo online before the deadline.  Your Campus ID Card will be printed for you to pick up when you arrive on campus.

  • Review or apply to waive your Student Health Insurance Plan 2015-12-18 00:00:00.000

    All registered students are automatically enrolled into the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).  Students who are currently covered under a private health plan and do not wish to be covered by UC SHIP may submit an online application to opt out of (waive) the UC SHIP.

    Understanding UC SHIP

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