Welcome to UC San Diego!

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The Undergraduate Colleges

The College system is one of the things that makes UC San Diego special. Our University is just one of the few in the United States that organizes the undergraduate experience in this way. So why is UC San Diego organized this way? To give you the chance to thrive in a smaller neighborhood and more easily connect to people, resources, and opportunities. It’s almost like being able to customize your college experience.

UC San Diego is a big campus with an international reputation. It’s a small campus, too, with a one-to-one personal experience provided by the College system. We invite you to learn more about each college.

A Community of Neighborhoods

Think of UC San Diego as a living and learning community made up of different neighborhoods. Each undergraduate college is a neighborhood. They each have their own philosophy and general education requirements. Additionally, each undergraduate college has its own residence facilities, staff, and traditions. Every college provides access to personalized academic advising, support services, and opportunities to get involved. 

The Colleges are unique, each with its own philosophy:
  • Revelle College: where the sciences, arts, and humanities join to educate and inspire multidisciplinary scholars.
  • Muir College: recognized for individuality & independent spirit.
  • Marshall College: shaping us as scholars and citizens.
  • Warren College: fostering responsible citizenship in a global society.
  • Roosevelt College: developing world citizens through scholarship, leadership, and service.
  • Sixth College: an experience that is innovative, interconnected, and aware.
  • Seventh College: equipping the next generation of scholars, leaders, and innovators with the tools to confront our changing planet.