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The Undergraduate Colleges


Choosing your College Home

At UC San Diego you get the best of both worlds—a world-class research university and a small college feel.  The choice you make when ranking the colleges on your application for admission is an important one. Your choice of college will determine your general education requirements, even if you enter as a transfer student. Although you will take roughly the same number of courses regardless of your college, the general education requirements differ a great deal from one college to another. 

An Interdisciplinary Community

Your chosen major does not determine your College.  Within your College you will get to know students from EVERY major, and most students have classes and friends in every college neighborhood at UC San Diego. One of the great strengths of our campus is this diversity of interests and opportunities, combined with students, faculty, and staff from every background and from all over the world. Here’s a glimpse into what each college has to offer.

Take a few minutes to explore each COLLEGE:

Revelle College
Motto Where the sciences, arts, and humanities join to educate and inspire multidisciplinary scholars
College Nickname Mission
Revelle College Logo Revelle To provide students with rigorous general education coursework, a rich set of experiential learning opportunities, and a safe, supportive and welcoming community where they can acquire the knowledge, skills, and expertise to succeed in any academic discipline and in a wide variety of personal and professional settings
Community General Education

Make new friends in an enthusiastic and welcoming community that will help you discover your passions. Enhance your college experience and gain valuable skills by participating in student organizations, mentoring and leadership programs and other activities.

Revelle Traditions:

  • Painting the Anchor
  • Roger Revelle’s Birthday
  • Cup of Culture
  • Watermelon Drop
  • Revellution Music Festival

First Year Students:

Our general education provides you with the opportunity to enhance your degree with courses in the humanities, mathematics, natural science, social science, fine arts and foreign language. At Revelle, you will obtain the tools to effectively and creatively pursue further study and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Transfer Students:

For transfer students, the number of remaining GE requirements will vary. Transfers with IGETC certification will still need to complete Revelle’s math (calculus) and natural science requirements. Revelle College does not accept UC Reciprocity.

Click here to explore Revelle's full GE requirements.

John Muir College
Motto Celebrating the Independent Spirit
College Logo Nickname Mission
John Muir College Logo Muir Preparing students to lead varied, successful, committed, and self-directed lives.
Community General Education

Muir College students are recognized and respected for their individuality, fostering their Independent Spirit, and are given the freedom to shape their academic experience.

John Muir Traditions:

  • Pumpkin Drop
  • Caledonian Society Banquet
  • Celebrating John Muir Week
  • Muirstock
  • Senior Send-Off Reception

First Year Students:

Our general education enriches your degree with liberal arts courses in writing, social science, and math/natural science, as well as with courses from two of the three areas: fine arts, humanities, or foreign language.

Transfer Students:

For transfer students, the number of GE requirements may vary depending on your transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity), but always require at least one writing course.

GE Requirements:

Click here to explore John Muir's full GE requirements.

Thurgood Marshall College
Motto The Student as Scholar and Citizen
College Logo Nickname Mission
Thurgood Marshall College Logo Marshall For students of all majors and all interests to become highly engaged citizens committed to a better society.
Community General Education

Thurgood Marshall College students use the classroom lessons about justice and equity to develop into engaged citizens committed to serving society.

Marshall Traditions:

  • Thurgood Marshall Week
  • Marshallpalooza
  • Cultural Celebration
  • Scholar & Citizen Reception
  • Dimensions of Culture Program Series & Marshall Speaker Series

First Year Students:

Our general education requirements prepare students to develop a deep analysis of the diversity of lived experiences in the United States, the institutions and movements through which justice has been advanced, and the culture through which people represent and comprehend U.S. society and the world. You will take a core sequence that focuses on major issues in the history of the United States with an emphasis on the tension between the nation’s founding principles and the lack of opportunity experienced by various groups over time. Additionally, you will complete courses in math, natural science, fine arts, humanities, and areas outside your major discipline.

Transfer Students:

For transfer students, the number of GE requirements may vary depending on your transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity).

GE Requirements:

Click here to explore Thurgood Marshall's full GE requirements.

Earl Warren College
Motto Toward a Life in Balance
College Logo Nickname Mission
Earl Warren College Logo Warren Cultivating ethically responsible and balanced citizen-scholars who will flourish during their careers at UC San Diego and beyond
Community General Education

Warren students work hard and play harder, all while balancing diverse experiences and perspectives.

Warren Traditions:

  • Warren Wednesdays
  • Winter Warrenland
  • Warren Live Concert
  • BEARLS: Academe Awards for Principles of Community
  • Warren’s Got Talent

First Year Students:

Our general education requirements resemble two “mini minors” in areas outside of your major – that you get to choose - or two smaller area studies if you are majoring in Engineering. Warren students also take two academic writing courses and two courses in Ethics and Society that are taught by professors in Philosophy and Political Science.

Transfer Students:

If you enter Warren as a transfer student (with junior standing or above) you have to take a few upper-division courses outside your major plus a more advanced Warren Writing course just for transfers.

The number of GE requirements may vary depending on your transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity).

GE Requirements:

Click here to explore Earl Warren's full GE requirements.


Eleanor Roosevelt College
Motto Developing World Citizens through Scholarship, Leadership, and Service
College Logo Nickname Mission
Eleanor Roosevelt College Logo Roosevelt or ERC Challenging students of every field of study to explore their interests and responsibilities as global citizens, independent of their career aspirations.
Community General Education

Roosevelt students learn about culture in the classroom and take those lessons and apply them directly in their own community, whether they are on campus or abroad.

Roosevelt Traditions:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Week
  • Rock ‘n Roosevelt
  • MMW Serves and Break Away Global Service (BAGS)
  • Culture Nights
  • Sunday Suppers at International House

First Year Students:

Our educational philosophy centers on the belief that to be educated in our world today means to understand one’s own cultural history and that of other major cultures as well. The Making of the Modern World core writing courses feature dimensions of international understanding and cultural diversity. In addition, students will complete general education coursework in science, fine arts, quantitative skills, a foreign language, and a focus on a geographical region.

Transfer Students:

All transfer students take two courses of Making of the Modern World designed specifically for transfer students. The additional GE requirements vary depending on each student's transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity). If you have completed IGETC or UC reciprocity, you will have no additional general education requirements.

If you are entering without a transfer agreement or as IGETC partial, you will complete remaining GE requirements after review of your transfer work.

GE Requirements:

Click here to explore Eleanor Roosevelt's full GE requirements.

Sixth College
Motto Innovative – Interconnected – Aware
College Logo Nickname Mission
Sixth College College Logo Sixth Preparing students to become dynamic and engaged citizens of the 21st Century
Community General Education

Sixth is home to a vibrant and creative community of students, staff, and faculty that celebrate Sixer spirit and pride. We are invested in experiential learning, Sixth traditions, and our themes of culture, art, and technology. We emphasize thinking creatively and critically across disciplines, in order to prepare students for success in college and the world beyond.

Sixth Traditions:

  • Winter GameFest
  • Chocolate Festival
  • Kuncocshun Music Festival
  • Let it Flow
  • Lunar New Year

First Year Students:

Our general education requirements center on the intersection of culture, art, and technology (CAT). The core sequence consists of three interdisciplinary writing courses focusing on our past, present, and possible futures. Our general education options are broad and flexible, allowing for AP/IB credit and major overlaps, while satisfying diverse student interests. Students explore beyond the classroom, with an experiential learning requirement (Practicum) and an upper division course geared towards helping students succeed after college (CAT 125).

Transfer Students:

Sixth College Transfer students must complete our upper-division requirements: the Practicum and CAT 125. For transfer students, the number of GE requirements may vary depending on a student's transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity).

GE Requirements:

Click here to explore Sixth College's full GE requirements.

Seventh College
Motto Confronting the challenges of a changing planet.
College Logo Nickname Mission
Seventh College College Logo Seventh To enrich students' college experience by empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to approach large-scale, global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, and by creating a fun, welcoming, and inclusive community where students feel at home. 
Community General Education

The Seventh College community and tradition will begin with the Fall 2020 entering class. This is a historic opportunity for students to make their mark for generations to come by shaping the College's community and traditions.

Seventh Traditions:

  • Orientation
  • Convocation
  • Commencement
  • Become a part of creating new traditions

First Year Students:

General Education (GE) requirements include: 3 Synthesis courses (2 lower-division writing-intensive courses and 1 upper-division project-based course); 10 “Alternatives” courses selected from the following areas: Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Engineering, Quantitative Reasoning, and Social Sciences; and 1 High-Impact course (such as an internship, practicum, mentored research, or study abroad).

Transfer Students:

All transfer students are required to complete Synthesis 100 and High-Impact. The number of additional GE requirements will vary depending on your transfer status (IGETC, Partial IGETC, UC Reciprocity).

GE Requirements:

Click here to further explore Seventh’s GE requirements for first year and transfer students.


Look Deeper

You can compare the colleges’ general education requirements for students who enter as first years at: http://compare.ucsd.edu/